Thursday, August 28, 2008

How Do We Understand the Love of the Father?

I am re-posting this. I did this post on the old blog and had a lot of comments on it...and since it still applies, and since my heart is being continually burdened about this these days, I thought I'd re-post it. (This was originally posted on August 5 -- one of the few posts we saved before the blog was deleted)

This week (the complete three days so far) I have been overwhelmed by the love of our Father for us. The Lord has totally burdened my heart and I just can't get away from all these thoughts...and I love it! It was all triggered by Sunday night's [August 3] sermon (which I will not tell you about because 1) I will cry and 2) I can not do it justice...I just can't! So, if we get it up on Sermon Audio soon I'll let you know :) and I haven't been able to get away from it ever since! How do we understand the love of the Father for us? Ok, we can't! We just can't understand the kind of love that He has for is so apart from our nature that we can't even begin to comprehend what it would be like to love someone so much to die for them -- to give your own life up for them. And even more unfathomable: we are so far from being able to understand a love that dies for those who are already dead. We can't understand His love for us...because we're not God! We don't have His nature; His perfection; His unconditional love!

But, we do have analogies :) I was listening to my brother and sister this morning. Leah said, "Hey Ethan, you wanna sit on my bed while I write in my book?" Of course he did because it's a great way for him to come into our room and have absolutely no reason to be there :) And I was thinking, "I love it when Ethan comes in my room and sits with my while I read or do math homework, or something. He's just my little buddy and I always like havin' him close." But I was also thinking, "He never stays still for very long. He comes in and sits for maybe 5 minutes and then jumps around and makes me die laughing because he insists on bein' way too adorable and it just never works for him to sit still while I do something. So, I hope Leah is prepared for a wiggly munchkin." And as I was thinkin' about that I had this thought: "So why do I keep asking him to come into my room and sit with me while I do something "very important" knowing that he's not gonna be still and I'm just gonna have to send him out...or give up on what I'm trying to do for now? Why do I always want him to come back?" Because I love him! And it's not even a fraction of the Father's love towards us. Why does He use us to do His work? Why does He build His church -- His Bride -- out of sinners who just can't sit still for very long? Why does He always pick us up when we stumble? Why does He forgive us every single time we sin? Why does He desire that we "come unto Him all ye who are weary and heavy laden"? Why did He send His Son -- His only Son Whom He loves -- to die for those who are dead in their sins? Because He loves us! And it cannot be fathomed just how much He loves us. Our minds are too small; our hearts are too hard; our thoughts are too low to ever comprehend just how much He loves us. But He does and He says, "I will hold you in My arms and never leave you...because I love you!" What incomprehensible love! We truly have every reason to be a joyful people.

"Because I love you...just because I love you...I give you water, light, and life." -- Anonymous

Blessed beyond measure,

These are by no means all the thoughts I had from Sunday night's sermon but like I said...I just can't do it justice so I'll leave it at this :) Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So what happened?

Good evening,

Well, Sarah and I are feeling pretty sad this evening since, in the process of re-constructing our blog template, we accidentally deleted "Talk Time" altogether! It's been a big blow. This blog has been a sort of journal containing 88 conversations. We had discussions on different books. We "talked about the issues". Sarah often rambled about everything! And I looked forward to reading the next post or contributing one myself. We are feeling the loss greatly (if you haven't caught that yet!).

Anyway, we poured a lot of time, heart and soul into this blog. We know that it was a gift from the Lord, and He has the power to restore it. Sarah is actually trying to see if blogger will recover it for us. So we can pray! I hope you all are having a great week, whether on summer holiday or back to school.

Love in Christ,