Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So what happened?

Good evening,

Well, Sarah and I are feeling pretty sad this evening since, in the process of re-constructing our blog template, we accidentally deleted "Talk Time" altogether! It's been a big blow. This blog has been a sort of journal containing 88 conversations. We had discussions on different books. We "talked about the issues". Sarah often rambled about everything! And I looked forward to reading the next post or contributing one myself. We are feeling the loss greatly (if you haven't caught that yet!).

Anyway, we poured a lot of time, heart and soul into this blog. We know that it was a gift from the Lord, and He has the power to restore it. Sarah is actually trying to see if blogger will recover it for us. So we can pray! I hope you all are having a great week, whether on summer holiday or back to school.

Love in Christ,


wbtrice said...

Thanks for the invite- I look forward to future posts, and since I've just started visiting, I don't know what I missed by your recent loss. Great blog links. Sarah, I was going to send you "The Return of the Daughters" DVD but I won't if you've already seen it.

Miss Blair said...


Thank you SO MUCH for placing a lump of sugar in my tea cup :) We love comments, and I'm so glad you visited. Well, we did lose a lot but there's a possibility we can get it all back...we'll see what Blogger can do for us. I haven't seen Return of the Daughters. I really would like to, though. I watched the trailer. I have read So Much More and that's how I came to their website. Return of the Daughters sounds wonderful, too. I hope you're well. Thank you for visiting. Have a great day!

Living before His face with thanksgiving,

Miss Blair

Lupe said...

I like the new layout anyhow!

Sophie said...

I can feel your pain ("tears in the teacup") ladies... but the new lay-out is beautiful!

Miss S

NovelTea said...

Too bad, 88 conversations gone... however you did get a new template out of it. :-) if that cheers things up, which I have a feeling it doesn't. oh well

Sarah F