Monday, March 22, 2010

Comments on Talk Time

For all the readers of Talk Time:

We have now made our blog public. There's no more need to sign in when you come to hear the latest conversations at the tea table. However, we're moderating our comments. Please do continue to comment, but when you hit "publish your comment" it will not immediately appear on the page. It will be sent to us and we'll make sure you're not a "bad guy" commenting on our blog and then we'll publish it and it will show up in the comments section.

So please, go invite all your friends to read Talk Time since you no longer have to have "all this information" to get up to the tea table and leave lots of lumps of sugar in our tea cups :)

Have a great day!

The Novelteatalkers

p.s. just out of curiosity, which one of the novelteatalkers do you think actually wrote this post?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Completing the Post Below

I quickly posted the (really bad) pictures in the previous post before I left for prayer meeting. Here's the longer story:

Last year my dear, sweet friends the Girards and I went to the Greenville Conference together. It was a total blast.

UPDATE: new tradition. No doubt.

Lily was also there last year and forbade me to wear my "spazy skirt" (the one with the polka dots and stripes). The theme of the conference last year was John Calvin (wasn't every conference theme John Calvin last year? Well this one was the best.) and she said that Calvin would not approve of that very un-orthodox skirt. Ok, fine, so I didn't wear it though I was very spazed about the conference and felt a little impeded in my spaziness without the appropriate clothes.

My dear buddy, Lexi Girard, likes my spazy skirt so for her birthday (maybe you remember this post) I made her a matching "spazy skirt" and we've been planning for the past 7 months to wear them to the conference together this year. Lily still says I shouldn't because the conference is hosted by a Calvinist seminary so Calvin still wouldn't approve. But, Lily, very sadly, cannot go to the conference this year so I'm making my own conference clothing choices this year....

Well, Lexi's mom and sister, Gabby, do not like the spazy skirt. I mean, they like it. It's cute, come on, but they wouldn't wear it themselves. So last month I was going to make Mrs. Girard a skirt for her birthday. (for the past year we've all thought it would be kind-a cool to match at the conference.) So I got to the fabric store with my skirt idea in my mind. And they were having a warehouse sale. Perfect. I'll make four skirts. And thus, four matching skirts for the conference, which is in 16 hours and 18 minutes! I mean, just in case anyone was counting...

I made up the pattern myself and used myself and Ethan as the measuring guide. It's a front and back the same size and then 2 side panels that are much smaller (one size for Mrs. Girard and me, and one size for the girls) but give enough room for us to take a real sized step. Then I made the double ruffle (my favorite part of the whole skirt) and did a double drawstring. The fabric is so heavy that I couldn't pull it all on one ribbon drawstring so I had to make it two.

They were so much fun to make. I was at the Girard's on Thursday and wore my skirt so then all the girls changed their outfits to match. It turned out being really cute. So, there's the skirt story. I can't wait until tomorrow when we can all wear them to the first day of the Greenville Conference 2010. And by the way, Wednesday is Spazy Skirt Day for Lexi and me. Lord willing, I'll post some pictures soon of Lexi and me in our spazy skirts. We took some adorable pictures last summer, I just have to find them.

Have a great week!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Latest From My Sewing Room...

...matching skirts for me and my buddies at the Greenville Conference next week!! These pictures are awful but I'm about to leave for prayer meeting so this is as good as it's gonna get. Perhaps when I wear my skirt tomorrow I can take some pictures of it on me and post those so you get a better idea of what it really looks like. But anyway, Mrs. Girard, and her two girls and I will get to match at the conference!

The skirt:

The drawstring:

The double ruffle:

The flower ruffle fabric:
Have a great evening! Off to prayer meeting...