Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Slowness in the Blog World something on Talk Time. Something to explain why there have been no book club posts, quote club posts, or any posts in general.

Basically the blog is on hold for the next couple of weeks. I am eagerly awaiting Lily's last day of school so she can enter the blog world again!

As for me, I just finished the dishes, have to stop by the piano and practice me C major and A minor scales for my piano lesson tomorrow on my way upstairs to finish a chemistry problem, read 50 pages of my history book, get all my things together for my long piano teaching/math/choir day tomorrow and get to bed before, hopefully, 10:30.

It has been so busy around here in the past few weeks (and only getting busier as I try to finish up things before June, when Lord willing, I'll graduate) and Lily has been in her own busy world of finishing her first year of college.

Lord willing, somewhere around the middle of May we'll get back to book clubbing. I am hoping that we'll finish Heaven Taken By Storm before we see each other in July and then start God's Passion for His Glory when we're together for our summer week. It's coming so quickly!

And besides that, I'm just really hoping that Lily's gonna do a lot of posting over the summer!

Until May then....

Helpless but for His mercy,

The Novelteatalkers

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

For Lily On Her Birthday

Will you pull up a chair with me and share a cup of tea while I tell you about how sweet my friendship is with Lily?

I love thinking about meeting you for the first time in Greenville and not really being sure about being your friend. Do you remember our moms telling us that we needed to go play with each other and make friends instead of just being shy? Ha! They don't have to tell us that anymore.

I love playing Dragoons and Hugenouts every time we see each other. Can you believe we actually made up that game ourselves? And it's all the rage at Redeemer now :)

I love all the motherly doctor's appointments we had together; all the hospital visits; all the babies that were born at our birthday parties; all the paperwork we filled out; all the bulletins we made; all the pretend church services we had (and set up all the chairs for and put out the offering plates for, and scoured the house for all the hymnals for, and printed the bulletins for, and set up the nursery for, and put out the water for our babies' baptisms for, and got dressed up for, and packed our diaper bags for, and fixed our hair and make-up for); all the spankings we gave our children; all the times we had to take our kids out of church; all the fake crying we did (we were REALLY good at that) when our kids got spanked; all the walks we went on because it's very motherly to work out while you're pushing you kids in the stroller; all the cell phone calls we got while we were driving our cars that we set up in "the real car"; all the meals we made together. Oh! we had so much fun together.

I love all the newsletters we've sent; all the notes we've written; all the e-mails we've exchanged; all the summer weeks we've spent together; all the sewing projects we've done; all the cooking catastrophes we've had. Do you want some lemon with that? How about some lemon tea with a lemon scone with lemon curd on it? I know you like lemon. So do I.

I love all the sermons we've listened to together; all the quotes we've shared; all the blog posts "we've" written; all the books we've read; all the things we've laughed about...really hard; all the jokes we've made; all the tears we've cried; all the conversations we've had every Saturday (from scary stories to our greatest fears in life to all the ways that the Lord has encouraged and cared for us this week).

Lily, I love you so much! And I love our friendship. It's so special to me and I'm so thankful for the way our Father in Heaven has built it and is growing it and causing it to flourish. He is truly able and willing to do "exceedingly abundantly above all we could ever ask or think." From that day in the park in Greenville to laughing at me carrying laundry and spilling my tea all the way up the stairs to sharing the sermon we listened to last week. And He's not done yet!

To my very dear friend on her nineteenth birthday~

Happy Birthday!

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you and draw you ever nearer to Himself.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.

Friday, April 2, 2010

How To Write This Post

Ok, is the weather not absolutely gorgeous? I love having the windows open and the fan ON in our room. I love hearing the lawn mower outside (Noah's doing a great job making our weeds look like grass). I love the breeze. I loved taking Noah and Ethan to Noah's piano lesson and having the windows open in the car. I love not wearing winter sweaters. I love wearing shoes that make that sticky "barefoot and leather" sound when I walk because I'm not wearing socks. I love the daffodils blooming. They look like a little spot of sunshine just fell into our flowerbed when I walk out the back door. I love the fresh smells. I love the weeping cherry trees...most especially the weeping cherry trees.

But that's not what this post is about, and that wasn't hard to write.

This is what I don't know how to write. And the problem is not the telling, but how to tell without using an exclamation point at the end of every sentence. This post is a bit overdue but I'll just jump in, I guess, and hope that the exclamation point key doesn't get tired before I'm done.

The Evolution of the Franklin Square Trip
subtitle: the best senior trip ever! Seriously, try to beat this.

Three years ago (in May) I started reading Calvin's Institutes in preparation for the Greenville Conference 2009. Is anyone tired of hearing this yet? Ok, well whatever. I'm sorry, it's all part of the story. ANYway! When I got to Book Three, Chapter Twenty on Prayer I really wanted some sermons to go with that chapter. I searched Sermon Audio and Pastor Miller's name was the only one that I knew.

We knew the Millers from Greenville days. Daddy knew Pastor Miller more than we did because he went to seminary with him, but even still, we didn't know them well. But we did have them over twice and could have told you who they were across the room. So, I listened to Pastor Millers series of Sunday School lessons (that are a lot like sermons) on The Larger Catechism on Prayer...several times. They really are that awesome. And I've shared them with at least 5 other people that I can think of right this second. I think actually more. I really can't tell you how good they are. You just have to go listen for yourself.

And since they were so good I just started listening to everything he's preached on Sermon Audio. It's all good. Just pick one. It'll be good. No doubt.

Now I have to take this story back 2 years to a different spot. Two years ago (the same summer I was reading the Institutes) Daddy was nominated by the presbytery to go to General Assembly (if you really want to know all the ins-and-outs of what that means, I'll comment you the answer :). While Daddy was at General Assembly (GA) he spent a little time with Pastor Miller, catching up, etc. This past year Daddy was nominated to go to GA again so he called Pastor Miller to see if he was going and if they could get a room together. Pastor Miller called Daddy a couple weeks later and said that they were expecting their fourth baby around the time of GA so he was going to stay home this year.

When Daddy told me that my brain started workin': Ok, so I graduate in June. Fourth child. Young children. Homeschooling. Franklin Square OPC. The Millers! How can I work this? So I asked Daddy, "Did you happen to mention that your daughter would love to come help them out when their baby is born?" When I said it, I really wanted to do that but I was more saying it in a teasing way. But Mama took me up on it and we talked to Daddy and they both thought it was a good idea.

So Daddy called Pastor Miller back and told him that if they thought it would be helpful, the Number One Pastor Miller Fan would be happy to come spend anywhere from 1-4 weeks with them either when the baby's born or when they start school. Whatever.

A few weeks later they e-mailed Daddy and said that they would like for me to come in September and help them start their school year for a month.

I can't even tell you how excited I am! I think it's actually going to be pretty difficult once I get there because I'm really gonna miss Charlotte...a lot! But I am SO excited and it's been so wonderful to see how the Lord arranged all these things. I mean, it's the Millers, no less. And I'll be done with high school. And I've always wanted to do things like this after I graduate. Isn't it sweet to see how the Lord orchestrates our lives?

Anyway, there's the Franklin Square story. I don't think I used too many exclamation points and I finally got this post written. I've been putting it off for about 2 1/2 months.

I hope all of you are having a beautiful spring Monday! May the Lord bless you this week!