Monday, August 23, 2010

A Note of Apology

I need to apologize for the lack of posting in the last month (especially after the 2 comments on the previous post).

The exciting news is that I got a digital camera from Mama and Daddy for my graduation gift. Now there will be no more pictures of my creations with my shirt in the background! (I've found it really is amazing what great pictures can be taken when you don't have to stand in front of the computer and hold up the objects you're taking pictures of. A whole new world.) The sad part is, that I don't know how to get my pictures from the picture program that they automatically upload to, to Picasa Web Albums so I can make a slide show of our vacation. Wouldn't it be lovely if I could figure out how to upload them right to Picasa? Does anyone know if there's a way that I would be able to figure out? Emphasis on I.

So, I do have tons of great pictures from our vacation and things I've made and done since our vacation but I'm still trying to figure out how to get them into slide show format. I would appreciate any help I can get on this.

I have also been very busy making 218 wedding invitation for a friend and that has limited my time to work on this picture problem. The invitations are very close to finished and now it's time to get ready to go to New York (in 16 days. I'm sure you are all counting, right?). So, Lord willing, in the next 16 days I will work on this picture problem and leave for New York with fresh posts of our vacation/other happenings.

I do apologize.