Monday, March 23, 2009

We Interrupt This Broadcast...

...for an installment of the Cooking Catastrophe Commiseration Club.

Well, ok, there are no cooking catastrophes yet. And there's nothing but excitement...yet.

At the beginning of the year I asked Mama (in an attempt to continue developing my slow-growing desire to cook) if, in the months that have 5 Sundays (there are 4 of them this year) I could take the fifth Sunday and decide who I want to have over, what I'm gonna make (down to the dessert) and all that good "hospitality stuff."

She said I could and March is the first one with a fifth Sunday. And this coming Sunday is "my day!" Actually, it's the Lord's Day but anyway....

So, the plan: have the 4 deacons and their families over for enchiladas, chips and homemade salsa (thank you for the recipe, Mrs. Larson) and guacamole, and salad, and chocolate chip cookies and ice cream for dessert.

Well, the first "catastrophe" (though not a cooking one) is that one of my deacon's families is goin' to Florida this week. Fine. No big deal. I'll just make enchiladas without them. See how they like it :) Well then, another deacon is leaving for Florida. Come on! Aren't these trips to Florida supposed to be in the summer? At least his wife will still have lunch with us :) But hey, that's cool. The Lord has better plans for us. I just figure it's a good excuse to do this again!!

So, yesterday I'm at church thinkin' of other people to have over. I mean, I'm sorry but 21 isn't enough. I need more to fill in those empty places I have now (by the way, the 21 includes the Blairs). So, I invited a couple more people. So my deacon lunch of 23 has turned into some deacons and some others lunch of 23. I am so excited about this weekend.

We just got home from grocery shopping. I had my whole shopping list made out and got all the stuff I'll need for somethin' like 5,001 enchiladas :) I can't wait to let you guys know how it turns out. Lord willing, there will be no catastrophes. If there are, there will be lots of people to witness it :)

So, I was waiting until this week to see if ice cream would be on sale so I could make chocolate chip cookies (at a deacon's request :) with ice cream. So guess what the sale was this week? (by the way, we're very picky about our brand of ice cream so it's important that the particular brand is on sale otherwise we don't get ice cream) Anyway, the sale was buy 2 get 3 free! Can you believe that? The Lord had it all planned out for this particular week. What a sweet providence.

Oh, and the other thing (just one more) that I'm so excited about is that in March we don't have Sunday school. We have Sunday school April-February. The kids learn their catechism questions and answers and then they learn their memory verses to music. So the first Sunday in March we have a Sunday school program where all the kids present what they've learned (they do such a great job. It's so wonderful to see 'em all up there...little cuties :) and then for the rest of March we don't have Sunday school while the teachers (and pianists) work out the curriculum and music for the next year. Well, this is still March and so that means that after worship (we have Sunday school after worship at Redeemer) we're free to hang or whatever. So it greatly increases the amount of fellowship time we have. See now everyone can come over and be at our house before noon and we don't have to leave until 4:30 for evening worship. It's a whole day of sweet worship and fellowship with the saints! But then, that's just me and my super social excitement :)

Ok, I've interrupted the broadcast long enough. I just had to give you guys this "talk time thing." :)



NovelTea said...

I'm enjoying your blogs about the conference, and am so excited about this Sunday for you! I'm excited to think about all those dear, sweet people all in one place for an afternoon. I will be so interested to hear how it goes. What's the brand of ice cream, by the way?


Miss Blair said...

Hey Cassie,

I LOVE the way you get excited for other people. I do that all the time and Leah just goes, "Sarah, they're already excited. You don't have to spaz *for* them." But it's so fun to think about other people just enjoying the things that the Lord blesses them with. Thanks for always being excited with and for me, Cassie!! I'll definitely let you know how it goes. Lord willing, there will be NO catastrophes :)

The ice cream brand is Breyers but the Harris Teeter All-Natural is the same thing, just with a different name. Actually, I prefer the Harries Teeter (that's what was on sale this week) because you get more ice cream that way. Breyers made their container smaller so you don't get the full 1/2 gallon. Anyway....this girl takes her ice cream seriously :)

Love you Cassie!


Lily said...

Alright, so I copied Sarah and made 5th Sunday Dinner too. I made cayan chicken with avocado salsa along with a salad. For dessert I made meringues with strawberries and ice cream. (no I did not make the ice cream ; ) It was so much fun! Such a great idea, Sarah. We had dear, old friends from FL up here and it was fun cooking with my friend Kristina's help. It took 30 min from start to finish to prepare the meal. I set the table before church and it all went so smoothly. I was so grateful no catastrophes happened!

brite said...

So how did it go??? And I'm with you on the Breyer's icecream thing. It's not really worth eating if it's not that brand (and we don't have HT so that's not an option). Although right now I'm dairy-free so it's all Sorbet for me. :)