Tuesday, January 11, 2011

100 Days List

Since we, here at Talk Time, are all over this "make new year's resolutions late" thing, here's another helpful source. I've enjoyed sharing SOME of my resolutions on the blog because I'm so competitive that if I tell someone else what my goals are, that's enough to make me make them happen.

So, here's a source that is dominating the blog world right now. It's another Ann Voskamp source called 100 Days List. And here are some hilarious posts recommending this 100 Days List: part one and two. These posts are hilarious anyway (just like all her posts) but even more funny if you regularly read Ann's blog.

But in short, The Holy Experience Lady has made a chart for 100 days. She gives three blanks for every day where you write in three things that you would like to become habits for you in the next 100 days. Whatever it is. Three things. The best part about this is that when you get to the end of your 100 days you can do 100 more with three new, or the same three, and then again for 100 more days. Three times in a year. Potentially nine habits created in 2011.

I wasn't going to do this. I thought, "There's too much good that I want to see happen in my life this year. Way more than three things." But the more I thought about it the more convinced I was that it would be helpful to have simple goals. Three of them. For 100 days. And I love the chart because it's progress I can see.

So, here are my three things, starting tomorrow:

1. read 10 pages per day (that's manageable, right? I mean, if it's late in the day and I haven't picked up a book yet, just pick up the book I'm reading with the smallest pages :)
2. take my vitamin every morning. Good habit. Doesn't happen consistently.
3. memorize 1 verse a day. This is going to seem overwhelming come tomorrow morning, I know. But I already have a memorization schedule in place so just dig in and see what might happen. 100 verses to go....

Perhaps you'll join the rest of the blog world? If not in actually doing the 100 Days List, in at least thinking it's a pretty awesome idea? I know several moms who are doing it and have printed it out for the kids, too. If you're joining the 100 Days Club (like me, a little after January 1st) will you comment and tell us and maybe even let us know what your three things are?

To Him be all of the glory! He is so worthy!

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