Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Good day,

You know, the funny thing is, I was just thinking to myself that I needed to post something when I checked Talk Time today. Thank you Sarah, for always making the time...even when I don't : ) I've not been the happiest person lately...and I never feel like writing when this is the case. Why is joy so hard to come by? Right now I feel really bogged down and agitated about a lot of things...this is neither the time nor place to go into detail...the bottom line is weariness. I'm just weary of the fight and the struggle. It's tough to be physically and emotionally tired. So this is what I'm working through right now. I think it must be time to refocus. Usually, when I get this way, it is because I've stopped looking at my Saviour, and have become too self-centered. My whole family is having to work through a lot of headaches right now, and we're at the point in the battle when you just feel like giving up. So will y'all pray that the Holy Spirit will strengthen us and teach us to be content? Most importantly, that we will be able to "count it all joy", during these trials. Contentment according to Burroughs is a gracious frame of spirit. I know that the Holy Spirit is teaching me submission, thankfulness, graciousness, and contentment right now...all the above are linked together. Sometimes this "School for Character" isn't the most pleasant place to be. :) Thankfully, our Teacher is also our Comforter, Helper, Friend and Father.

Apart from this, I've been enjoying autumn so far. It seems like we've officially entered into the season. This week has been especially cold for us this early in the season. We've had a fire burning all day some days. It takes the edge off the chilliness in our drafty house. And it's so warm, homey and comforting. I've also been running around decorating. Mommy isn't much of a seasonal decorator, so usually (except in the case of Christmas, when Sarah helps) I'm the one to make seasonal changes. I'm going to take a picture of our fireplace and mantle, which turned out okay and post it up here sometime. Oh, and I made a Apple, Pear and Cranberry later I'll post up the recipe. It was definitely a keeper!

Later this week I'm going to post a slide-show of pictures from my parents' trip to Scotland. They were gone for 10 days, during which I stayed in the home of some good friends (thanks, Aubrey for sharing your room!) and my sister and brother were shipped off to Greenville to stay with our relatives. (I had to stay here since I teach piano and had too many other events to cancel or reschedule) It was the fastest 10 days I've had in a while. However, it was a nice break from a lot of my normal (housekeeping) activities. More of that later....

What else? I've not even covered a fraction of what is going on right now, but somehow, I feel like this is enough for now. I've committed myself to a lot of follow up posts...and Sarah's promised you one from me on The Rare Jewel. So you'll hear from me later, Lord willing.

Meanwhile...take a lesson from me and don't allow yourself to become so busy doing the things of life, that you forget why you do them and who you are doing them for. This mistake is very easy to make! So for now, I'm going to go refocus and remember my chief end.



sing_a_new_song said...

I will def. be praying for you Lily....I know you know this, but God WILL NOT give you more than you can bear...but I will be praying that He will make your load even a little lighter. And after you go through this trial, you'll look back and thank God for it, because you'll see how far He's carried you...and how much He as grown you.
I know you've heard this...and I'm sure I'm not being very helpful...but I just wanted you to know that I'm thinking and praying for you.
Love ya girlie!
Pressing On,
Anna Leigh

Miss Blair said...


I loved your post. Thank you so much for "talkin' about the issues." Ya know, the Lord tells us that this world is a weary place to be. But He gives us the promises to use as stepping stones through a "dry and thirsty land." This world will make us long for our Home -- for Glory, when He "presents us before His presence with singing." I'm prayin' for ya's a weary place to be...but this is not our treasure, this is not our portion...we're headed in the right direction!

Love ya buddy!

Stepping Heavenward,