Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fabulous Fall Family Fellowship Food

This weekend is our (Redeemer Presbyterian Church's) annual Fall Family Fellowship. This is my most favorite annual Redeemer event. It's nice and cool outside. All the guys play tackle football together (the ladies [and the guys when they're not killing themselves playing football] get lots of socializing done). Some of the guys play Soccer at the same time. Some people (mostly ladies) enjoy Croquet, and others prefer Botchie Ball. The little kids are so adorable dodging between different games, trying not to get hit by the croquet ball, the botchie ball, the soccer ball, the football...oh yeah, and the frisbee. I'm not kidding, we have all these games going on at one time! It's a blast-and-a-half. Besides that, the food is so yummy. We have roast turkeys every year and then everyone brings sides and drinks and desserts to go with it. I mean, this is just my favorite. You'll just have to come with me some year to really understand how much fun we have!

So, for this, my favorite annual event, I had to make something chocolate, right? Of course I did! What would be a church event if I didn't bring something chocolate? Come on! So, I made Caramel Pecan Brownies. It's a Fine Cooking recipe. The picture just looked so yummy. Now, from this chocolate lover/snob, I do realize that this recipe is contaminated with nuts...just plain contaminated. BUT, chocolate covers a multitude of sins! So, I still think they look really yummy and for all of you out there who think chocolate can somehow be enhanced by nuts, you will probably enjoy this recipe even more than I will! (the recipe is really long so I'm not gonna type it out. BUT, if you really just think this looks outstanding then you can COMMENT and I'll get to do a whole new blog post and type out the recipe for you :)

Have a great, fall day!


Jessica said...

I can attest to how fun the Fall Family Fellowship is! Great title, Sarah! :-D Is it the 4th or 5th annual (I remember there was a debate about this last year :P ).

Yes for chocolate, no for nuts. It rather ruins the delicious gooeyness of the my opinion. But, I've never heard of a brownie with caramel, so you'll have to share! (Maybe I can just leave out the nuts ;) )

Lily said...

You, know, I bet you could have put nuts on top of half and left the other "unspoiled".

Miss Blair said...

Well, the nuts are in the brownies, also. Mama said I could only make them if I completely followed the recipe so I said, "Hey, no problemo. Chocolate covers a multitude of sins!" Next time, though, NO NUTS! Even though, you really couldn't taste them that much because the brownies were SO super gooey :)