Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Book Club ~ Institutes of the Christian Religion

One of these days I'm gonna pop up and be done with this book and there won't be any more posts on Calvin's Institutes. But that's not this time. Believe me, I can't wait to say that I've finally finished it. I mean, yeah, I am really enjoying it but it will be great to finish it. Hopefully that will happen in the next week or so. Last night I got under the "100 pages left" mark. This morning, I only have 90 more pages to read!!

I was debating whether to do this post or not. Ya know, should I just wait until I finish and then do one final post? But this morning I read these two awesome quotes so I had to do the post, right?

So, here ya go. Calvin's startin' your day with a cup of tea at the chatty tea table. May the Lord richly bless your week.

"How sweet is it to pious minds to be assured not only by word, but even by ocular demonstration, that they are so much in favor with their heavenly Father, that He interests Himself in their prosperity! Here [in baptism] we may see how He acts toward us as a most provident parent, not ceasing to care for us even after our death, but consulting and providing for our children. Ought not our whole heart to be stirred up within us...to bless the Lord for such a manifestation of goodness? Doubtless the design of Satan is assaulting paedobaptism with all his forces is to keep out of view, and gradually efface, that attestation of divine grace which the promise itself presents to our eyes. In this way, not only would men be impiously ungrateful for the mercy of God, but be less careful in training their children to piety. For it is no slight stimulus to us to bring them up in the fear of God, and the observance of his law, when we reflect that from their birth they have been considered and acknowledged by Him as His children. Wherefore, if we would not mailiciously obscure the kindness of God, let us present to Him our infants, to whom He has assigned a place among His friends and family, that is, the members of the church."
"Having become with us the Son of man, He has made us with Himself sons of God. By His own descent to the earth He has prepared our ascent to heaven. Having recieved our mortality, He has bestowed on us His immortality. Having undertaken our weakness, He has made us strong in His strength. Having submitted to our poverty, He has transferred to us His riches. Having taken upon Himself the burden of unrighteousness with which we were oppressed, He has clothed us with His righteousness."
For a conference countdown: my sweet little buddy, Ethan, counts it down for me every morning. I was doing it and then he figured out that he can do that too. So every morning he lets me know: "Sarah, 22 days until the conference and in 22 days, it'll be less than 1 day until the conference." So there ya go: 22 days!

Have a great day!



Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing, Sarah! I enjoyed Calvin on padeobaptism. Intitutes is on my reading list, and your excerpts and like lil appetizers. ;-)

Miss Blair said...

Oh Jessica, I'm glad you enjoyed my paragraphs of Calvin :) You should definitely read the Institutes. I mean, you might get weighed down a bit in the "endless" pages on bishops and pontiffs (though he does have some good points ;) but just press on because at the end of it is the beginning of his discussion on the sacraments. It's so worth it!!

Have a great day!