Saturday, February 7, 2009

Temples of the Holy Spirit, pt. 1

Good afternoon Talk Time readers. I don't know when part 2 (and any other parts) of this series will come because it was Lily that promised the posts on eating healthy and exercising and Lily has been busy on Facebook, and trying to convince me (and getting no where) that I need a Facebook. Thus, Lily's absence on the blog.

But, I did promise (I think it was in a comment) a post on my new year's healthy resolution. I hadn't really intended to make this resolution, it just sort-of happened....thanks Mrs. Posvar!

So Mrs. Posvar is one of my sweetest sisters at Redeemer, and my Monday morning running buddy. Right after Christmas and New Year's we were running one morning (actually, walking, getting ready to run :) We were talking about all the sugar we had eaten and how unhealthy and "ick" sugar makes us feel. But ya know the problem with not eating sugar? There's no one there to make sure you didn't have that oreo, or that milk shake, or that HUGE bowl of ice cream with TONS of hot fudge sauce. I mean, come on, everybody's doin' it! Who cares?

So while we were "running" and talking about how lacking we are in self-control we just said, "hey, let's go on a sugar-free diet." So, since the beginning of January we've been on our sugar-free diet. We can have dessert on Sunday (it's a day set apart, right?). And ya know, it's not good for your body to completely get rid of something. We just have to learn self-control and have things in moderation.

And of course, there are 3 Blair birthdays in January (all the boys) so I did have a small serving of dessert for each of those days. And for Ethan's birthday he had pizza and root beer and I did have 1 glass of root beer.

It's been great. I feel so much better. Ya know, it's great to come into the kitchen for a snack and to know that you can't have all that unhealthy, sugary stuff. It's easier than I thought it would be. Of course, the past few days everyone's been having ice cream with hot fudge sauce for dessert after dinner and that's just been torture. And the left-over birthday cakes have been brutal but it's easy when you just know that you can't have it.

And it's really fun to come into church on Sunday morning and make our weekly confessions to each other:

"Oh, I had an oreo one day this week."
"Oh good, because I had a handfull of chocolate chips this week and I needed you to balance me out."
So this resolution goes until the Greenville Conference. That's a free-for-all. I mean, come on, I've only been waiting for this conference for a year. And then after the conference I suppose I'll resume the one-dessert-a-week routine.

You guys should definitely join us. Just see how long you can do it. I tell ya, it makes Sunday a sweet day. (no pun intended) It's so worth it, because..."our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit."

Have a great afternoon and enjoy your dessert tomorrow!

Sarah for the Novelteatalkers


Lily said...

Mrs. Posvar has a facebook. ; ) I'm not on a sugar free diet, but I'm on an empty-carb-snack free diet. Whenever I'm hungry, tired, sad, happy, bored, etc I always tend to grab chips or bread or cookies or other various carb-filled snacks. I really don't eat enough fruits and veggies. So I'm replacing all the bad stuff with fruits and veggies. Oh, and I discovered how I like yogurt. I like to chop up half an apple and pour yogurt on top like cream. I don't really like yogurt plain so this is a good compromise for me.

Jessica said...

Well, first off - you need a Facebook. ;-) It's a great way to connect!

Your sugar-free diet sounds sweet (pun intended - lol!). Can I join ya if I already am? :-P Mom and Dad have never been big on junk food and rarely - if ever - is it allowed in the house. So that makes it easy! We only get to splurge on b-days and occasionally when we go out to eat. It's hard - esp. when the junk is cheaper - but it pays off in the long run! But what I want to know is...does the sugar in my tea count? Esp. since you *are* the tea-talkers? ;-)

Miss Blair said...

Hey Jessica,

The sugar in your tea does NOT count. I'm not eating sugar-free food, just not eating dessert, and friendship bread, and chocolate, etc. But I still have jelly on my PB&J sandwich and sugar in my tea and scones for breakfast. It's more a dessert-free diet. And dessert in the middle of the day (like a snack) is totally out of the picture :)

Have a great day!


Miss Blair said...

Oh, and by the way, Miss Freeman, I know that Mrs. Posvar has a Facebook and yet, I am unmoved :)

I love your "diet." Of course, I don't believe in *diets* but that regulated eating instead of just mackin' down on anything that sounds good is great! It's really awesome when you go into the kitchen for a snack and you know you can't have anything sugary so suddenly fruit sounds like a great snack! Oh, and in these warmer months fruit smoothies are grubbin'.

Mrs. Giarad and I were talking yesterday about how brutal it is when everyone's having ice cream and you're NOT having it. But then there's just this satisfying feeling when everyone else has had it and you haven't and you just know that they don't feel quite as good right now, and you ate green peppers for dessert :) Sweet deal!

Anyway, dearest, have a great fruit-filled, sugar-free day!

Love you!


Miss Blair said...

oh, and maple syrup on your waffles for breakfast SO does NOT count as sugar. I mean, come on, it's part of the's what's being served, right? Totally. So you have to honor your mom and you don't want to hurt her feelings, right? No way! So, you better put maple syrup on your waffles :)