Monday, July 20, 2009

Two Pieces of Fabric

Well, ok, maybe not quite two pieces, but close... At least there's a general theme goin' on.

This past week I made an apron using this picture as my guideline/inspiration. I really just wanted to buy that apron but it was sold out and so I figured I could do it myself. Mama helped me a lot on this project. I used a skirt pattern for the bottom part. I did have to alter the pattern a bit but it was mostly a skirt pattern. And then for the top I just measured and guessed. For the ties and bottom trim I estimated how wide I thought they looked in the picture and measured and cut. It was fun to make. I still have to fix the length of the piece that goes around my neck but for now it's pinned so I'm not really worried. Come on, it's an apron. I'm gonna get spaghetti sauce all over it anyway so who cares if it's perfect? Here are a couple of pictures:

Then, I remade the headcovering that goes with the skirt that I made for my dear buddy, Lexi. (*side note* I cannot wait to give it to her on Thursday! I've been looking forward to it for weeks!) Anyway, I found a free pattern online (which I can't find now :) that was too small but it gave me some good ideas and I was able to work with the measurements a little bit. This one is much better than my first, spur-of-the-moment attempt. And I actually made two so I can wear one with my skirt, also. Cute!

And then, because I love this brown fabric from my apron so much, I used the same measurements and made another headcovering, but this time with the brown trim instead of the "interesting" striped trim. I love it. I wore it on Sunday and loved it. It stayed in my hair so much better than the other ones I wear.

One of my dear buddies at church said that she wanted one like it and also one just out of the brown material. That's a great idea. So I think I'm gonna have to make two of those, and one more of the denim with the brown trim. Ok, here are some pictures:

Enough of my boring sewing details.

I'll save the rest until after our trip (Novelteatalkin' deatils to come!) I have a skirt to sew this next week!!

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brite said...

Very cute...makes me want to sew an apron, too!