Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Week in Quotes, Day Two

Perhaps I've posted this one before? It's one of my most favorite quotes. What a sweet foretaste of heaven the Lord gives us in wedding days and marriages. I'm so glad He lets a taste a little to keep us longing for the glory! "Oh Well-beloved, run, run fast!"
"O for the coming of the Bridegroom! Oh, when shall I see the Bridegroom and the Bride meet in the clouds, and kiss each other! Oh, when will we get our day, and our heart’s fill of that love! Oh, if it were lawful to complain of the famine of that love, and want of the immediate vision of God! O time, time! how dost thou torment the souls of those that would be swallowed up of Christ’s love, because thou movest so slowly!...What would I not give to have time, that lieth betwixt Christ and me, taken out of the way, that we might once meet! I cannot think but that, at the first sight I shall see of that most lovely and fairest face, love will come out of His two eyes, and fill me with astonishment. I would but desire to stand at the outer side of the gates of the New Jerusalem, and look through a hole of the door, and see Christ’s face." ~Samuel Rutherford

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