Thursday, July 21, 2011

Highlights From Our Summer Together 2011

Well, as you know, Lily and I (and our sisters) spent our summer week together last week, at Lily's house. Here are some of the highlights (pictures coming soon)...

worship at Geneva OPC
song night
pickled okra with lunch

running in the morning with Lily
reading together on the back porch with a cup of coffee
Bible study

tuna and white bean salad for lunch
Lark Rise to Candleford
key lime pie
funny videos and we laughed so hard together...tears just streaming!
Starbucks with Lily and reading together
running together at night and making sure all the stretching, etc. was in proper form ;)

up early and wearing our coordinating outfits
curling hair
quiche in the oven and the table set so beautifully for brunch
Bri (a photographer friend of Lily's) taking over 700 pictures of us (I can't wait to show you!)
flowers in our hair
brunch together
picking fresh zinnias from the garden to replace the dying flowers in our hair
tea time at Tea Leaves and Thyme and the older ladies stopping to notice that we were all dressed up and the flowers in our hair
running errands together getting a gift for the photographer friend
piano, cello and viola hymn arrangements together and Leah taking the videos
prayer meeting (still matching)

orange french toast
Lily and I having another cup of tea at Tea Leaves and Thyme and reading together
Pride and Prejudice...the whole thing...and it brings back so many good memories of watching that movie with them so many times
talking for a few minutes before bed

orange french toast because it was so yummy the first time
some words on Friendship before we scattered to gather our things
driving to Greenville and listening to all of our favorite music that we listen to every time we're together
lunch at Whole Foods

It was a lovely week together and I'm looking forward to posting some pictures when the photographer is done with them. I hope you've been enjoying your summer as much as we have!

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Elisabeth said...

Can't wait to see the pics!!