Monday, December 1, 2008

Back from vacation

Hi everyone!

Just checking in to see how every body's Thanksgiving holiday was! My family visited Jamestown, Williamsburg and D.C. (thankfully missing out on the thanksgiving/bubonic plague our other family had in Tennessee) We had a great time. I'll say more later when I post the pictures. Meanwhile I'm working on SAT prep, GCA assignments and math (blech). But it will be worth it since we're decorating for Christmas tonight while watching Celtic Woman. Anyway, busy day ahead so look for more later. Sarah and I will both have reading updates in the near future.

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Miss Blair said...


I'm so glad you posted again ;) I'll try to do a Calvin post this week. And of course, we're jammin' on Rare Jewel and our readers will have to put up with 2 epistles on it before we move on to the next book :)

Have a great day!

In Him,