Monday, January 5, 2009

Conference Countdown

Good Evening,

The Blair crew has been enjoying a few weeks of vacation and tomorrow, it's back to early rising, school, work, laundry, chores, choir, piano, practice, teaching, early bedtimes (I can't wait!!) and all the things that make life around here so spicy. I can't wait until tomorrow.

But, today has had it's perks also. My plans for going to the Greenville Conference are close to be finished and I'll be able to register soon.

I have about 270 pages left to read in the Institutes.

I had a very fun trip to Barnes and Noble this morning with my sis and Mama. I just love getting good books. I got our book club book three books from now :) After Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment, The Hidden Art of Homemaking, and Heaven Taken by Storm (which I am totally pumped about), we're hoping to read God's Passion for His Glory with the complete text of Jonathan Edwards's book, The End For Which God Created the World. I can't wait. And we would love it if any and all of our Talk Time readers want to join us in reading it (or any of our book club books). And, I also got another book by Piper, Taste and See. It also looks really good. In a couple minutes, when Mama comes back downstairs I hope to order Calvin's Sermons on Ephesians and Given For You: Reclaiming Calvin's Doctrine of the Lord's Supper. I mean, come on, after I finish the Institutes I have to have something else by Calvin to read, right? Yeah! So, it's been a fun day. How about all of you?

Tomorrow pretty much equals no posts. Between school, chores, work, teaching, choir, piano, prayer meeting, teaching keepers at home, writing a paper, reading, co-op...oh yeah, and finishing Calvin, you can count on no posts from me until Friday afternoon or Saturday. But, Lily said that she'd post her resolution of the year so she's chained to at least doing one post for you this week.

May the Lord bless and keep all of you, and continue to cause His face to shine upon you this year!

Miss Blair


Jessica said...

Keeping busy, eh? I'll be glad to join you in your reading of "Hidden Art of Homemaking", Mom read it aloud to us girls years ago, and I want to read through it again.

I didn't realize you taught at a Keepers at Home group - I haven't heard one around "here", where does the group meet?

Miss Blair said...


Well, actually it's just a church group at Redeemer. Several families do it and they've asked me to teach several times, now. But it's not an official Keepers at Home "thing." Now there's some kickin' grammar for ya!!

Oh, we'd love to have you read Hidden Art with us. We have to finish Burroughs first. And since I'm jammin' on Calvin right now, I'm holdin' up the progress on Rare Jewel. But when Calvin is done (only 245 pages left!!) and I finish Rare Jewel we'll be ready to start! I'm so glad you want to read with us.

Have a great day!

With love in our Savior,