Monday, May 4, 2009

Conference Highlights, The Shotgun/Gunshot Game

Ok, are you ready? Your travel life will never be the same again. Oh, and this is really corrupting, too, because if you like to pray in the car while you drive (or have your kids or siblings take turns praying while you drive) this game is so distracting. And NO! you cannot play and pray at the same time. Just can't happen. Besides that, it totally cuts out on the social factor of traveling. Totally. I mean, one minute you're talkin' about the sacraments and the next minute the whole car is quiet because every one's tryin' to play the game and get the most points. It's terrible. And, it's addictive. AND it's way fun!! I had so much fun introducing this game to the Girards during the week of the conference. And we did still pray and read the Scriptures and talk about the sacraments. And when I drive by myself I do still pray. And when I have "bugs" in the car with me, I still have them pray with me. So can be done. And you'll have fun playin'...

The Shotgun/Gunshot Game

  1. if you see a VW Bug shout "Shot Gun!". They are worth 3 points. If it's a convertible add 1 point. If it's old, add 1 point. (so if it's convertible and old then it equals 5 points)
  2. if you see a PT Cruiser shout "Gun Shot!" They are worth 5 points. If it's a convertible then add a point.
  3. if you see a MINI Copper shout "Shalom!" They are worth 8 points. If it's a convertible then add a point. And, there are some MINI Coopers that are bigger (actually 3 different sizes). If they're just a little bit bigger add a point. If they're more like an small SUV add 2 points.
  4. if you see a Chrysler Prowler shout "Bazooka!" They are worth 30 points (you're probably not gonna see one any time soon).
  5. if you see a SMART Car shout "Shamrock!" They are worth 11 points. If it's convertible, add 1 point.
If you shout a word and it's not the car you thought it was then you lose a point (it is indeed possible to start the game with negative numbers of points). And if you shout a word and you realize that you shouted the wrong word so you change what you said then you still get the points but you subtract 1 point. For example, if I see a VW Bug and I shout "Gun Shot" and then I realize it's a bug, not a cruiser, I change what I said and shout "Shot Gun" then I get 2 points, instead of 3.

If you are passing a car dealership and there are like 500 MINIs all in a row you can't get any of them. You can get any car at a dealership as long as it's by itself. So all those cars displayed in the front: if they're not parked in a row you can get them. If they're all lined up, get none.

I think that's all the rules. So go have fun playin' the game. It's a blast. Let me know how many points you get your first time playing....

Old "Shotgun" (4 points)

Old Convertible "Shotgun" (5 points)

"Shotgun" (3 points)

Convertible "Shotgun" (4 points)

"Gunshot" (5 points)

Convertible "Gunshot" (6 points)

"Shalom" (8 points)

Convertible "Shalom" (9 points)

"Bazooka" (30 points)

"Shamrock" (11 points)

Convertible "Shamrock" (12 points)


brite said...

You'd have to print out a manual to keep track of all this! Phew! I think I'd lose just because I'd forget all the rules. :) And I do remember playing this with you guys (girls) when you were younger. Fun fun fun.

Sarah said...

Brite, I think I should start selling little cards that you attach to your dashboard to help you keep it all straight :) You really do get into the hang of it, though. By the end of the conference there was some steep competition with the Girards.