Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring Fever!

Every year, spring is always and new and exiting as it was the previous year for me. So I decided to journal my thoughts of spring - of all the things that I am thankful that spring brings. If Georgians only get a week of spring weather it is the best week leading up to full blown summer. I did my best to capture our wonderful signs of the season. But without further ado, let's (with pinkie extended) sip some chocolate mint tea and pour out the thanksgiving in our hearts, praising God for His handiwork!

My list:
Blooming trees - especially dogwood and cherry
Spring green leaves and the multi-green woods
Bird chirping
Lilacs and azaleas
Breezy warmth (low 70s weather)
Early sunrise
Late sundown
Smell of newly turned soil
Cut grass
Spring cleaning
Clothes-line laundry
Neighborhood and nature awakening
Open windows and street noise
Herbal tea on the deck
Warm season clothes
Thunder storms
Soggy grounds
Sunday walks on neighborhood trails

Did I leave anything out? Please feel free to stir in another lump or two! As you can see, I find great pleasure in my environment. Spring season is just one of those times when I can't take a glance in any direction without my heart being filled with thankfulness. God didn't have to create anything beautiful. Just think how much pleasure He gets when we enjoy the things He created and enjoys!



Sarah said...


What a lovely post...and beautiful pictures. That rainbow is gorgeous! What a great picture.

Later Tater Chip... Sarah

Miss Leah said...

Lily, did you read my mind (and my journal) for that?! Precisely how I feel. On my walk yesterday I saw a rabbit, picture-perfect clouds, roses, daisies, and an ancient English oak. That's my list for yesterday; I add to it every day. Thank you for your post!

Lily said...

Sarah, Did you notice that it's a double rainbow!?

Leah, after you save up for the regency camp you should save up for a digital camera. You would use it several times a day!