Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Little People Thoughts

This was the conversation my brothers were having this afternoon. I was reading something online while they were "taking a grammar test" and "doing their penmanship" and I heard them having this conversation so I quickly pulled up blogger and jotted it down. It's so fun to see how their minds work...what they're thinking about all-of-a-sudden when they're writing out "cat', "car," "cab" in nice, clean scrawl. You just never know what it might be.

Ethan: Noah, if you had a kingdom what would you do?
Noah: How big a kingdom?
Ethan: Huge.
Noah: Well... what do you mean by kingdom?
Ethan: Ya know, a whole country where people pay you taxes and stuff.
Noah: Probably sell it.
Ethan: Sell it?!
Noah: Yeah.
Ethan: To who?
Noah: America.
Ethan: For how much?
Noah: A whole stinkin' bunch.
Ethan: How much?
Noah: Oh, about three billion.
Ethan: Three BILLION?!
Noah: Yeah. (like, of course. What would you do?)

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