Saturday, February 12, 2011


I'm taking a short break from my series on Reading Goals for 2011 to write a short post on why I love Saturdays. Every week I forget that I love this about Saturdays. Usually on Friday I'm thinking, "Only one more day before Sunday. Only one more day before Sunday." But I wake up on Saturday and there's a completely different set of "to-dos" for that day. This is what I love about Saturdays: Everything in the day is getting ready for The Best Day.

Doing all the laundry so that we go to bed on Saturday night in clean sheets, and have a shower with clean towels in the morning. All our clothes are neatly folded and put in drawers; hung in the closet; ironed and laid out for the morning.

Gathering Bibles and notebooks; music and Sunday school lessons so that they're all ready to go in the morning.

Savory smells in the kitchen getting ready to feast the saints in our home tomorrow.

Cleaning bathrooms and dusting furniture.

Finishing up all the projects we started over the past six days.

Going to bed early so we can get up early and enjoy the day.

I love how on Saturday, every time we put our hand to something, it's with this in view: that the Lord's Day is almost here and we're getting ready for it, either by finishing our work in these "six days of labor" or by taking up new work to minister to the Lord's people on His day.

Just my Saturday ramblings this morning. With that in view...I've got some things to get done. The Lord's Day is on its way!


Lily said...

Thanks for posting! This is a good reminder to stop and celebrate the Lord's day even in our preparations. :

sing_a_new_song said...

Lily posted this on facebook and I really enjoyed reading it!

~Anna Leigh