Monday, February 7, 2011

Ten Pages A Day, Part One

The first thing on each first blank for all those 100 days is "read 10 pages." Successfully checked it off 24 days in a row. So maybe, just perhaps, you want to know what my reading goals for 2011 are? I wouldn't be surprised if you don't care. But I always like to know what people are reading so in case you would love to know that about me, here are my goals (as usual, outrageously unattainable, but what would keep me going if I didn't have a goal that took grace?).

This is Part One, because I'm trying to make my blog posts less wordy and more picture-full. That doesn't mean I have any less to say, just that I break it up better.

Part One ~ Books I've Already Read This Year
Part Two ~ Books I'm Reading Now and Hope to Finish This Year
Part Three ~ Books on My Reading List To Be Started and Finished This Year
Part Four ~ The Ben Miller Goal For 2011

(This will definitely be the shortest post in the series because, after all, the year is only thirty-eight days old).

Of Communion with God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost by John Owen. Okay, so I actually finished this on December 30th of 2010, but because I never wrote a post about it, I'm going to slip it in here. I think I can say that this book is no doubt the best book I've ever read. Here are a few quotes that did me in from Section Three on Communion with the Holy Ghost.
"On this account is He [the Spirit] said so often to come forth from the Father, because He comes in pursuit of His love, and to acquaint the hearts of beleivers therewith, that they may be comforted and established" (page 262).
"He willingly proceedeth or comes forth from the Father to be our comforter. He knew what we were, and what we could do, and what would be our dealings with Him,–He knew we would grieve Him, provoke Him, quench His motions, defile His dwelling-place; and yet He would come to be our comforter" (page 263).
And to conclude the whole work:
"If the Spirit dwell not in you, if He be not your Comforter, neither is God your Father, nor the Son your Advocate, nor have you any portion in the gospel" (page 274).
One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. My sister gave me this book in January and I finished it about a week ago. Couldn't put it down. It was an easy way to get my 10 pages a day, done. It's not the normal type of book I read but today it's good.

Ten pages a day. I'm off to do some reading and check it off.

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