Wednesday, April 22, 2009

At Last!

Hello Everyone!

I'm back! No, really...if I haven't been pouring tea lately, I have been sipping! Well, I think I should clue you in on the happenings around here. Yes, I have my cup of's a pretty white cup and saucer with small flowers decorating the top, wreath-like. This time, I'm pouring some general information regarding things I've done, am doing, and am enjoying lately!

I had the pleasure of attending both GPTS and Ligonier conferences this year! As Sarah has been sharing with you, we had a blast taking notes together, singing favourites, and getting to fellowship with the saints in Greenville for 3 days. Some old friends of mine, Daniel and Kristina Call (this friendship is as old as I am) came up as well, kicking off a whole month of visits back and forth! (We've been together 4 Sundays out of 5 almost consecutively) I have the GPTS conference MP3 now, which I'm am thoroughly enjoying. My favourite speakers at the conference were Dr. Pipa, Dr. Garcia, Dr. Joel Beeke, and Pastor Hamilton. (am I forgetting anyone, Sarah?) Both Sarah and I were feverish note-takers during the conference, though Sarah is quite the superior having developed her own short-hand!

Besides listening to rich lectures all day, it was such a pleasure to be in Greenville again. I lived there just short of 6 years and my mom's sister and mother live there. My grandma lives out in the country, so every morning it was such a pleasant drive to WRPC. Also, I was able to visit the Dodds...friends of my family (this is a friendship older than I am). It's always fun to spend time with them! Let's see, what else? Walking around Downtown Greeville by the Reedy River...singing Psalm 98a...sitting in the 4th row...asking Lexy for my pencil (I believe Sarah already mentioned that ; ) It was a great week!

Coming home from GPTS, our old friends the Calls and some van Eyks followed us and spent until Saturday hanging out at our house. Fun times! Then, I left for Florida on Wednesday for the Ligonier conference. A friend from church went with me this time, as well as my whole family (including both dogs...or should I say, one dog and one puppy) It was a crazy trip to my grandparents where Daddy, my friend and I left the rest of us and picked up some grandparents. The weather was gorgeous and was the only factor making it hard to stay inside and listen! My favourite speakers at this conference were Dr. Joel Beeke, Dr. Sinclair Ferguson, Dr. Begg, Dr. Sproul, Dr. Robert Godrey, Derek Thomas, and D.A. Carson. Long list! And I didn't get to hear everyone! We have the MP3 for this conference too including the question and answer sessions which were just as good as the lectures in my opinion. After 3 days of that, we got in the car to head home.

Now comes the company. Two days after returning we had my dad's parents for a few days, and the Calls, up for NCFCA. My grandfather bought me a car! It's a little Chevy Aveo and as you can's red. My little dream car is a gift for graduation. I am more thankful than words can express! We had a great week of fellowship with the Calls. Then, 3 days after the Calls left for their home in Florida, we followed them to West Palm Beach for a 10 day vacation for my 18th birthday. Here is the order of events:
Thurday: Drive down. Stay in Orlando with the Larsons
Friday: Finish trip. Arrive at the Higgins'
Saturday: Rest, Dinner and a movie at the Calls'
Sunday: Grace Presbyterian Church, Calls' house after evening worship
Monday: Brunch with Mrs. Higgins; Laser Tag and Bowling with the Calls, van Eyks, and others; spend the night at the Calls
Tuesday: Make cards with the Call ladies, Birthday luncheon/tea at Teapots and Treasures
Wednesday: Visit my great-grandmother Helen
Thursday: Rest and take-out Thai
Friday: Daddy arrives! Lunch with Uncle Rob, GracePresChurch for NCFCA speeches and dessert.
Saturday: Beach (finally!) Dinner with Uncle Rob, Aunt Sandra, and the Higgins
Easter Sunday: Grace Presbyterian Church; Calls' house after evening worship
Monday: Meet Calls for Laser Tag on the way back to Georgia.
Busy 10 days! But it was my kind of vacation! Great time with all our friends and fun stuff to do. Highlights for me were brunch with Mrs. Higgins, spending time with the Calls, and Sunday...all day! I thoroughly enjoyed Pastor van Eyk's sermons.

What I liked best about this whole vacation with the opportunity we had to take a break from all that we give in ministry here in Georgia, and be ministered to instead! I thought, and prepared myself to come back rather wilted, though, from all the activity. However, surprisingly, I came back with more energy and ready to be with the people God has us with in Georgia. It's amazing how when the spirit is refreshed, the body is as well!

So, we're back into the swing of this here, I guess. The Calls are up again for the NCFCA regionals. Yesterday (the Lord's Day) it was wonderful for fellowship with them again. We took a walk down to the Etowah River on one of our neighborhood trails. We've been enjoying all the beautiful things about spring here in Georgia. Cherry Trees, Dogwoods, Azaleas, and little seedlings. I'm a little late in starting the garden. But as we have long summers it will hardly matter. I've got a nice little veggie garden growing. Tomatoes, Zucchini, Cucumber, and Carrots. I've also got all the basic herbs: Basil, Parsley, Mint, Chives, Rosemary, and Thyme.

What else can I say? There is simply too much to tell! Perhaps I've poured too much tea already! I've given a good picture I daresay of what "I've done, and am doing." All that remains is for me to express what I've been enjoying lately. But I will post something different for that.

Meanwhile, enjoy all God's gifts for you wherever you are!

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What a great post! You get like 45 times as much stuff in the same amount of room that it takes me to spaz out about one thing. Ha!!!

Love you,