Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting At Him

This is a quote that has comforted me much this week. I thought perhaps it would be an encouraging talk time thing for some of you as well. This is from Charles Spurgeon recounting what an older minister said to a younger minister after the latter had preached a sermon.

"Mr. Spurgeon, pour our tea."

“‘If I must tell you, I did not like [the sermon] at all; there was no Christ in your sermon.’ ‘No,’ answered the young man, ‘because I did not see that Christ was in the text.’ ‘Oh!’ said the old minister, ‘but do you not know that from every little town and village and tiny hamlet in England there is a road leading to London? Whenever I get hold of a text, I say to myself, “There is a road from here to Jesus Christ, and I mean to keep on His track till I get to Him.”’ ‘Well,’ said the young man, ‘but suppose you are preaching from a text that says nothing about Christ?’ ‘Then I will go over hedge and ditch but what I will get at Him.’”
It reminded me of something that Dr. Joel Beeke said: that if you can find no comfort and no assurance in your the fruit you're bearing, the things you're doing for the kingdom, your quiet time in the morning, your prayer. If there is no assurance in any of these things for you, then you can find great comfort and great assurance in your coming back. True faith keeps coming back to Christ. It has no where else to go but back to Christ. Whether it's a text or a discouragement, or a perplexity, true faith will always "get at Him." Now that's a source of great joy. Zion's pilgrims are headed in the right direction. There's a talk time thing for ya.

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