Thursday, April 9, 2009

We Interrupt This Broadcast, pt. 2

Ok, I'll admit it, I'm procrastinating. Lily is out of town for the week (this is her birthday trip to Florida to visit good friends. Her birthday is on Tuesday!!) so I've been pushing off my Conference Highlights because I really want her to do them WITH me.

So, just one more post to "kick the can down the road" is the update on my cooking extravaganza on the fifth Sunday in March. You can read about the plan here. Now for the update...

Well, on Saturday I was up at 6:00 makin' salsa. I'm sure everybody appreciated our blender that sounds like an airplane taking off, at 6 in the morning. But, it had to be done so I'm sure it was good for them. Mrs. Larson, your salsa recipe is always a hit. Everyone loved it so much that by the time I got all the enchiladas in the oven the chips were gone....I didn't even get a taste. At least I checked it out on Saturday, when I made it.

So, salsa to start of Saturday morning. Then I made the enchilada sauce. I had to make 2 kinds because one of our deacon's children is allergic to wheat and dairy so I needed to make her a pan with wheat-free sauce and no cheese on top. It was fun to do that for her.

Then Mama said she needed to use the kitchen. Something about making breakfast or something. I didn't really think it was as important as my 72 enchiladas but hey....

After breakfast I rolled all the enchiladas and strategically stacked 8 pans on the bottom shelf of the fridge. IF we had a digital camera I would totally have taken pictures and posted them.

I also made the guacamole and started a pot of sweet tea. Then I had to get ready for a funeral. A dear saint in our congregation went home to her Father's house. She was a founding member of our church and of 2 other churches before that. Ok, Sarah, you're getting side-tracked....that's another post for another day.

After the funeral I came home with the boys and made chocolate chip cookies. Here's where the "almost catastrophe" comes in. I was gonna make 2 batches of cookies: one batch with dark chocolate chips and one batch with dark and white chocolate chips (my personal favorite). Well, Mama misunderstood what I said (I say so many things no wonder she was confused -- love you, Mama :) so we only had one bag of each kind of chips. SO! no big...Ethan and I ran to the store about 3.5 minutes up the road (listened to Judy Rodger's psalms cd all the way there and back and talked about the Lord being "our dwelling place in all generations") and got another bag of chocolate chips. Crisis averted. I made two batches of cookies and put them on separate plates.

The story of the plates: Daddy does not like white chocolate chips especially in cookies. He doesn't like white chocolate, period. So, he made a black flag with a skull and crossbones and glued it to a toothpick and put it in the cookies with the white chocolate "as a warning to the saints that those were not safe to eat." His hypothesis was, if they're warned, their sinful nature will go after that which they shouldn't have and in that case it will leave more of the "right" cookies for me. My hypothesis: you've warned them so now they'll all gravitate towards the dark chocolate chip cookies and that will leave more white chocolate chip cookies for me. Deal.

I also made another pot of sweet tea, mixed up my favorite salad dressing, got my cleaning done, and straightened the guest room.

On the Lord's Day... I was so excited! I mean, cuttin' avocados for my salad and spazin' out. When all my buddies started comin' in the door I had the chips and salsa and guacamole out. Mama was sitting in the rocking chair in our kitchen just chillin' out. It was so cool -- just what I was hoping the day would be for her.

I had all the enchiladas (with LOTS of cheese) in the oven. I made the salad. I so enjoyed listening to everyone enjoy themselves mackin' down on the chips. Leah, thank you so much for setting the table and cleaning up the kitchen for me. You have no idea how much that meant :)

During lunch we had some great conversations.

Dessert was awesome. Thank you Harris Teeter for having that great Buy 2 Get 3 Free sale on all natural ice cream. We had 2 kinds of Chocolate, Mint Chip, Coffee, and Cookies and Cream. I made coffee to go with the ice cream and cookies and some crazy people (my mama) started asking for chocolate ice cream in their coffee for a whole mocha effect. How cool is that?

Mr. Girard, thank you so much for helping me scoop ice cream for all 22 of those guys. I needed it and you could tell...thank you!

We had saints all over this house. It was awesome! The Lord poured out rich blessings on His day and on His people.


FLJenn said...

Sarah Blaira,

I'm so glad the salsa was a hit. The whole meal sounds yummy! I think I might need your recipe for enchilada sauce, too. Can you e-mail it sometime?

Regarding your previous post, I agree about Ben Miller's preaching. We only have one of his sermons on CD, from when he was at GPTS, on James 1, and I still listen to it.

Miss you all!

Sarah said...

Mrs. Larson, do you know if that sermon by Pastor Miller (on James 1) is on the web anywhere? I would love to hear that. I have thoroughly enjoyed every sermon I've heard by him...and I've listened to a lot :)

NovelTea said...


(Can you see an uprising of readers on the horizon?)

Give us the recipes!

Mrs. Pittman

brite said...

So when can WE come for a Sarah Blair Sabbath Feast? I'm so proud of you, and of your mother for letting you give her the day off. :) A Sunday tip: have someone in charge of bring you a plate of whatever you've set out for appetizers. Warren always does that for me on Sundays, because he knows I would never get a bite otherwise! Congratulations for a delicious sounding feast (does that mean you are a good cook, or a good writer?) :) and hearing about your dad's little trick made me want to see your family! You guys would get a kick out of a Cooper...he reminds me a LOT of Noah as a 3 year old. One of these days we're just going to come...

Sarah said...

The Pittman/Trice clan is welcome ANY Sunday for a feast at the Blair's. May 30 is the next "fifth Sunday" and it's Mama's birthday. Feel free to let me know if you're gonna be in the area :) Wait...just remind me again how many of you there are... :)

Brite, I don't think I'm a good writer or a good cook. But when I write for the blog I just pretend like I'm talking to someone. This is Talk Time, right? "If I were having a conversation with someone right here how would I say this?" Oh, and I was very proud of Mama for letting herself have the day off. It was hard for her but she did a great job and I think she really enjoyed having a Lord's Day "just like anybody else." It was fun! And we did save the black flag so whenever you guys come and share a Lord's Day with us I'll make those cookies and we can use the flag :)

Mrs. Pittman, I will definitely post my recipes. I need to get permission from Mrs. Larson to post the salsa recipe first but other than that they'll be comin' your way...