Monday, June 22, 2009

One Hundred Talk Time Things

To all our dear Talk Time readers~

Our last post (the one where I told you how to win big bucks, pennies at a time ;) was our 100th post on Talk Time. Of course, that doesn't include the 60 something posts we had during our other Talk Time before I accidentally deleted it (but, we're not going there...). But, I think this Talk Time is better even though we are still mourning the loss of my gorgeous birthday post to Lily; the slide show of our week together last summer; and a couple other "favorite" posts.

Today, we are going to attempt to list one hundred talk time things that we've talked about around the tea table in the past one hundred posts. I'll do fifty and Miss Freeman will finish the list (this might be (really) hard!)

  1. sermons, sermons, sermons and more sermons
  2. notable quotables - lots of them!
  3. Ben Miller (I still think you need to listen to that sermon: Resting in God the Father)
  4. Sinclair Ferguson...if nothing else, listen to him because he's got a great accent
  5. the love of the Father (did you read my post on Owen?)
  6. John Calvin
  7. Institutes of the Christian Religion
  8. Calvin's Sermons on Ephesians
  9. The Very Unique Jewel of Christian Contentment
  10. cooking catastrophes
  11. the mercies of our ever-merciful Savior
  12. fifth Sundays
  13. Sermon Audio (have you checked our Pastor Blair on Sermon Audio, yet?)
  14. swagbucks
  15. beams and fountains (did you read my post on Owen?)
  16. future grace
  17. patience (or the lack thereof)
  18. Valley of Vision..."the valley is the place of vision."
  19. sewing projects/catastrophes/inspirations, etc. You name it, we've suffered it in the sewing room
  20. the Greenville Conference (you're still waiting for me to finish my extended series)
  21. (did you read my post on Owen?)
  22. birthdays
  23. the Chicken and Broccoli Casserole tradition
  24. poetry
  25. different cups of tea
  26. non-catastrophic recipes
  27. schedules (and sermons)
  28. car games
  29. guest posts on "flowers blooming in unlikely places."
  30. time change reminders
  31. the book cub (yes, we are still book clubbing and I was even lying in bed recently drafting my final post on Very Unique Jewel in my head)
  32. smoothies
  33. our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit
  34. resolutions
  35. the nursing home
  36. Jonathan Edwards (and his resolutions)
  37. book recommendations (did you read my post on Owen?)
  38. crafts - do you remember the Christmas ornaments? Those were so much fun to make (and post).
  39. battles and sanctification
  40. the laundry room - don't you know that's where sanctification happens?
  41. countdowns
  42. driving tests
  43. choir concerts
  44. the Lord's Day - a sweet gift from our Savior
  45. the Lord's Supper - visible words of invisible graces
  46. John Owen (did you read my post on Owen?)
  47. our spring giddiness
  48. fall madness - I'm tellin' ya, the traffic really does sound different in the does!
  49. the wave post - my favorite post that I did on the old blog that was actually saved and posted right when we started Talk Time again (August of 2008)
  50. chocolate (that's a good place for my list to end)
My turn! (It's Lily)
  1. Summer reunions
  2. motherliness
  3. water with no ice
  4. Stepping Heavenward (a very motherly book ; )
  5. afternoons
  6. scones and clotted creme
  7. Blair breakfasts
  8. John Piper
  9. the "promised land"
  10. So Much More
  11. Jane Austen movie quotes
  12. the "Mrs. Larson thing"
  13. embarrassing stories
  14. gardening
  15. "conversations on the mercies of the Lord"
  16. friendships
  17. school
  18. sewing
  19. skirts, skirts, skirts
  20. the modesty issue ; )
  21. "talkin' about the issues, but we're keepin' it funky"
  22. law and grace
  23. Sunday afternoons (especially fifth Sundays)
  24. the 4th commandment
  25. scrambled ice creme
  26. LEMON
  27. laundry - especially Bounce* dryer sheets
  28. the Christmas ornament tradition!!!!!!!!!!
  29. piano (lessons, performance, teaching, etc)
  30. "a day in the life of"
  31. heart and soul (and sisters by heart)
  32. sentence: "publicly hanged until you repent" lol
  33. armed, one legged, life-insurance salesman. He's always very busy.
  34. "strong perfume" we need those husbands
  35. Calvin's 500th
  36. old friends
  37. Edisto Island and the 4th Family Reunion!
  38. Nick and Anita's blog
  39. Girltalk blog
  40. Facebook (Sarah should definitely get one)
  41. C.S. Lewis
  42. blah blah blah book club
  43. "pastors to help us in times of trial and temptation"
  44. little friends
  45. lumps of sugar
  46. All Things For Good
  47. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
  48. the Valley of Vision
  49. Michael Card Ancient Faith
  50. 100 Talk Time Things!!!!!


Sarah said...

Did we really talk about all that on Talk Time? Wow! We're some rockin' Novelteatalkers :)

Love you, Lily...

Lily said...

Well, maybe not all of those were directly written about on here...but, they were definitely alluded to!!!!

Jessica said...

Congrats on your "100th" ! :-D