Saturday, September 20, 2008

Autumn - My Favourite Season

I am just basking in this glorious weather!!! This is my absolute, favorite time of year. Fall has such energy in the air. It's the back-to-school feel accompanied by the leftover summer projects. It's the football weather. Autumn Saturday afternoons in our house sound like the neighbor kids playing outside, street noise blowing through our open windows, football games on TV, (enthusiastic cheering) and Sunday's laundry. I love the sounds of fall. Does anyone, like me, think that cars driving on the pavement sound different in the fall than they do in Spring and Summer? And the light looks different, right? It seems brightly filtered.

Today I opened all the windows and I have my favourite Yankee candle burning in my room. It's actually a discontinued scent called Apple Rose. It's the ultimate autumnal smell in my opinion (besides bouquets of sharpened pencils, scotch tape...etc). Speaking of apples, I can't wait to go to the orchard. Definitely the season's highlight. I've been knitting up a storm too (filling family of the scarfs will be blue and orange striped for one of my brother's favourite teams, Auburn.) Oh, and it's almost closet cleaning time too, when all the cold weather clothes replace the warm weather clothes.

Autumn evenings are so peaceful. It's darker sooner, giving more reading time in the evening...that's got to be good. I like getting up when it's only just starting to lighten up, because then I feel like I've started the day ahead. Likewise, dinner time dusk seems to slowly bring closure to the day. ::Sigh::: The joys of the season! I realize this isn't exactly what Sarah had in mind when she said I'd be commenting on our book club. However, this post just oozes with contentment, right? Someone back me up! Okay, I promise I'll get my thoughts together and do one, just for Sarah! In the meantime, enjoy the beginnings of Fall (wherever you are)!


Miss Blair said...

Oh Lily! What a lovely way to start Monday! You're so right..."oozing with contentment." I loved this post! The pictures are perfect! Fall is my favorite season of the year and you just said it so well!! By the way, cars really do sound different in the fall...they do! Everything is just so much more sentimental (I suppose is the right word) in the Fall. Thanks for the post...I loved it :) This, people, is an EXAMPLE of contentment...a rare jewel!! Have a great autumnal Monday!!

For His kingdom,


Leah said...

Why is it that no matter how often we live through the seasons (spring being my personal favorite), we always feel like we've never seen them before or will never see them again?

Happy First Day of Autumn,

Miss Leah

NovelTea said...

Thank you so much for your lovely post. While it's not quite autumn here in Tallahassee, it is definitely cooler - 80 degrees instead of 90 - and I'm so grateful. Just last week we were complaning of the heat lasting for so long. I must always remember God's timing is perfect :)

Happy Fall Y'all!


sing_a_new_song said...

I'm backing you up there Lily! :P

Loved your post....the "You've got mail" quote made it for me. :)

The whole thing just made me smile....and I'm still smiling.