Saturday, September 6, 2008

More Notable Quotables

Good morning!

This is another great (but longer) quote that one of my buddies sent to me this morning. I can't even tell you how timely this was: how it has refreshed my soul this morning. So, I'll just let you feast on it for yourself~

"And if you ask where Christ is to be found, I will answer, in your own heart and nowhere else. But you will say to me that it is your own heart that keeps you such a stranger to Christ, and keeps Him such a stranger to you, because your heart is a very den of devils. Now to that I answer that your finding this to be the real state of your heart is already the finding of Christ in your heart. For nothing else, and no one else but Christ, can make manifest to you the sin and misery that is in you. And the Christ who discovers sin is the very same Christ who takes all sin away. Be you sure, that as soon as your sin and your misery make your heart absolutely unbearable to yourself, that is Christ already in you of a truth. For Christ first comes to your heart as the Discoverer and Reprover of your sin. Acknowledge then His presence, and His power, and His grace, in making you to know the plague of your own heart; and then He that wounded you will heal you; and He who showed you the den of devils that is within you, He will not leave you till He has made your heart into a holy temple, for the indwelling of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost. ~ Alexander Whyte

What a wonderful Savior! I hope you are all enjoying your last day of the week.

All by His grace,


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