Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Mid-Week Thought

It's Thursday evening. I'm in the middle of a busy...a great...but nevertheless busy week. Lily's in the middle of a busy week. I'm sure that our readers are in the middle of a busy week. But, in these last few minutes of Thursday evening before I head to bed I wanted to give you a paragraph from John Piper's book Future Grace to encourage you in the rest of your week~

"...The glorious might of God that we need to see and trust is the power of God to turn all our detours and obstacles into glorious outcomes. If we believed that our hold-up at the red light was God's keeping us back from an accident about to happen, we would be patient and happy. If we believed that our broken leg was God's way of revealing early cancer in the x-ray so that we would survive, we would not murmur at the inconvenience. If we believed that the middle-of-the-night phone call was God's way of waking us to smell smoke in the basement, we would not grumble at the loss of sleep. The key to patience is faith in the future grace of God's "glorious might" to transform all our interruptions into rewards.
In other words, the strength of patience hangs on our capacity to believe that God is up to something good for us in all our delays and detours. This requires great faith in future grace, because the evidence is seldom evident.

May we be a contented people because heaven's King does all things well...and is always working all things together for the good of His godly ones. He continually, tirelessly, faithfully "transforms all our interruptions into rewards." Let us strive, therefore, to glorify and enjoy Him forever...we have every reason to be a joyful and contented people!

All by His grace,


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This not so much a comment on the post as it is on the blog.
I had just remembered that you said you have a blog and I found the e-mail w/ the username and password to use. I notice you have a little link to "The Cutest blog on the Block". I can get rid of that for you probably.
I can also use a perfectly legal way to get rid of your navbar.
Blogger is OK with the method I use. I did not actually read the post i am commenting on but I read the Palin one.
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