Friday, September 19, 2008

An Un-officially Official Post

Good afternoon,

I know, it's been over a week since we last posted. And this is a very un-official post. Lily is, Lord willing, going to post a book club post either tonight or tomorrow. We've sadly neglected our book club -- not the reading, just the posting. But she's hopefully gonna fix that before a new week starts.

Yet in the mean time, I had to share this...sort of as an explanation. I got an e-mail from a very dear friend yesterday and this is the first paragraph:

You must be so busy -- I've been checking your website every day and THERE ARE NO NEW POSTS!!! Of course, I know all you do all day is sit around and drink hot tea -- oh wait, you drink WATER WITH NO ICE -- and wait for your maid to finish cleaning. Yeah, right?!?!?

*side note: for all of you that are new to the blog since we deleted the first one: I have a "thing" for water with no ice. So, whenever we have surveys, etc. my fav. drink is always "water with no ice." Or, if I'm gonna go curl up with a book and read all afternoon I take my water bottle of water with no ice.*

Anyway, yeah, my maid....I don't know what happened to her! Lily and I have both been really busy lately...thus no posts. So, we haven't forgotten about the blog (really we haven't) and thank you for being patient with us. I'm sure Lily will provide us some meaty reading on contentment later this weekend.

I hope you're all having a great day! More thoughts, ramblings, musings, meanderings, conversations,,,,from the tea table later!

In His grip!


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