Thursday, September 4, 2008

Something that Brightened My Day

Good afternoon!

My's been a while since I've posted anything up here! I was inspired to publish this because it gave me great pleasure...I like to listen to the Bahnsen/Stein debate on the existence of God. This is a portion out of the debate that never fails to put a triumphant smile on my face:

The following is an excerpt from "The Great Debate: Does God Exist?" a formal debate between Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen and Dr. Gordon S. Stein that was held at the University of California (Irvine) on February 11, 1985. Dr. Bahnsen begins the cross examination:

Dr. Bahnsen: "Are all factual questions answered in the same way?"
Dr. Stein: "No, they are not. They're answered by the use of certain methods, though, that are the same - reason, logic, presenting evidence, and facts."
Dr. Bahnsen: "All right. I heard you mention logical binds and logical self-contradictions in your speech. You did say that?"
Dr. Stein: "I said. I used that phrase, yes."
Dr. Bahnsen: "Do you believe there are laws of logic, then?"
Dr. Stein: "Absolutely"
Dr. Bahnsen: "Are they universal?"
Dr. Stein: "They are agreed upon by human beings. They aren't laws that exist out in nature. They're consensual."
Dr. Bahnsen: "Are they simply conventions, then?"
Dr. Stein: "They are conventions, but they are conventions that are self-verifying."
Dr. Bahnsen: "Are they sociological laws or laws of thought?"
Dr. Stein: "They are laws of thought which are interpreted by men and promulgated by men."
Dr. Bahnsen: "Are they material in nature?"
Dr. Stein: "How can a law be material in nature?"
Dr. Bahnsen: "That's a question I am going to ask you."
Dr. Stein: "I would say no."
Moderator: "Dr. Stein, you now have an opportunity to cross examine Dr. Bahnsen."
Dr. Stein: "Dr. Bahnsen, would you call God material or immaterial?"
Dr. Bahnsen: "Immaterial"
Dr. Stein: "What is something that is immaterial?"
Dr. Bahnsen: "Something not extended in space."
Dr. Stein: "Can you give me an example of anything other than God that is immaterial?"
Dr. Bahnsen: "The laws of logic."
Moderator: "I am going to have to ask the audience to hold it down please. Please. Refrain from laughter and applause. Can you hold that down please?"

Basically, after that one statement from Dr. Bahnsen, Dr. Stein began to lose the debate...(lol) I love it! Enjoy the rest of the week...

In Christ,

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Miss Blair said...

Thanks for posting that Lily. It reminded me of when the leading men of the temple asked Jesus who gave Him the authority He has to teach and perform miracles, etc. and he answers them by asking His own question: "Was John's baptism from heaven or from men?" And they are put into a corner and don't answer...and He doesn't answer their question (Matthew 21). It's amazing to see people (see Christ even) make a point so well. Thanks Lily!

To the King,